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Career Opportunities

Our Financial Representatives experience the three motivators described below:

Autonomy: Financial Representatives run their own business and operate as entrepreneurs. You’ll receive tremendous up front support and make your own decisions regarding markets, areas of specialization and the team with which you will surround yourself.

Mastery: The financial services industry is constantly changing. The need to expand your knowledge in order to meet the evolving circumstance of your clients provides tremendous intellectual satisfaction and the ongoing potential to improve your skill set.

Impact: Very few careers genuinely afford you an opportunity to make a difference in the lives of others. It is by doing proper planning, that the dreams and goals of the business owners, the families and the individuals that we work with, are addressed. Few other careers have such a direct connection between daily work and its ultimate benefit.

True Opportunities

As a Financial Representative
As Financial Representative you are in a position to consistently add value in your local community, you are an authority, providing valuable financial knowledge and insight to those around you.

Success Rate
A question many people ask themselves when considering a new career is “how successful are the people who enter this opportunity?” At Guardian, over the last five years, the success rate* of our Financial Representatives has been at the top of the industry.

True Potential

Exploring the Possibilities
Another question you are probably asking yourself is “Can I make enough income to realize my lifestyle when I transition to this career?” That is why we are proud to point out that the average earnings for a Guardian Financial Representative is among the highest in the industry.

Building Your Practice
A career as a Financial Representative requires commitment and a desire for continuous improvement in your craft. You will be supported by quality financial products and proprietary, leading edge technology, like The Living Balance Sheet®, and electronic wealth organization platform available to Financial Representatives of Guardian.*

True Exploration

Our Mutual Career Exploration Process
How will you learn whether a career as a Financial Representative is the right one for you? Our role is to serve as career counselors for you. We will go through what we describe as our mutual career exploration process. It is here we will determine whether this opportunity is the one which best aligns with your vision of an ideal future. Together, we will take the following steps in this process:

  • An initial discussion around your goals, motivations, and life objectives to see if we can help you achieve your career objectives.
  • Explore assessment tools that will provide you with third party feedback.
  • Meet with numerous firm associates and key management team leaders who are positioned to guide your success track.
  • Have the opportunity to sample the most important parts of the career, helping you to determine whether you are comfortable with what is required in order to build your practice.

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